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Frm4alt International Review Workshop

“International Review Workshop On Satellite Altimetry Cal/Val Activities and Applications"

23-26 April 2018,
Chania, Crete, Greece.

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Transponder calibration

Transponder calibration at the CDN1 ESA Altimeter Calibration Site:

  • CryoSat-2 on 5-Feb-2018 18:41:47 UTC (Previous Cal/Val 5-Jan-2018 at 8:04:26 UTC),
  • Tandem mission of Jason-2 and Jason-3, March-October 2016,
  • Jason-3 continuously every 10 days after its launch,
  • Sentinel-3A every 27 days at 20:00:12 UTC continuously after its launch.


Travel awards are available for young scientists to enable them to attend the International Review Workshop for Satellite Altimetry Cal/Val Activities and Applications.

All travel award applications are governed by the IAG rules. Please see IAG Travel Award Application Form for details. Students applying for travel awards will be notified for their abstract/paper acceptance earlier than the general deadline of 28-Feb-2018 to be able to meet the IAG regulations for an award.

Applications have to be sent directly to the IAG Office by email " at".   

As a minimum, the application should contain: title, authors, and abstract of the paper to be presented, acceptance by the organising committee (if available), travel budget and sources of additional funding. The letter(s) of support (one IAG Fellow or two Associates) should be sent separately.

It is generally understood that the travel grant does not cover all expenses, but it is a support to cover part of the expenses, i.e., the applicant has to prove other (or own) funds available.


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SeRAC: Sentinel-3 Radar Altimeter Calibration Site in Crete

Serac crete eu


FRM4ALT is continued in the Sentinel-3 Radar Altimeter Calibration in Crete (SeRAC) activity with Operational Support, now in place. The objective of this SeRAC project is to ensure the routine operations and maintenance of the CDN1 transponder Cal/Val site for Sentinel-3A but also for Sentinel-3B Commissioning and Routine Operational Phase. The transponder Cal/Val operations shall be further supported by the sea-surface Cal/val sites established at the Permanent Facility for Altimetry Calibration in west Crete, Greece.