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Frm4alt International Review Workshop

“International Review Workshop On Satellite Altimetry Cal/Val Activities and Applications"

23-26 April 2018,
Chania, Crete, Greece.

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Transponder calibration

Transponder calibration at the CDN1 ESA Altimeter Calibration Site:

  • CryoSat-2 on 5-Feb-2018 18:41:47 UTC (Previous Cal/Val 5-Jan-2018 at 8:04:26 UTC),
  • Tandem mission of Jason-2 and Jason-3, March-October 2016,
  • Jason-3 continuously every 10 days after its launch,
  • Sentinel-3A every 27 days at 20:00:12 UTC continuously after its launch.


Scientific Committee

  • Stelios Mertikas, Technical University of Crete, Greece,
  • Craig Donlon, European Space Agency, The Netherlands,
  • Erik de Witte, European Space Agency, The Netherlands,
  • Robert Cullen, European Space Agency, The Netherlands,
  • Pierre Féménias, European Space Agency, Italy,
  • Constantin Mavrocordatos, European Space Agency, The Netherlands,
  • Jérôme Benveniste, European Space Agency, Italy,
  • Remko Scharroo, EUMETSAT, Germany,
  • Ole B. Andersen, Danish Technical University, Denmark,
  • Pascal Bonnefond, L’Observatoire de Paris, SYRTE, France,
  • Francois Boy, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, France,
  • Jean-Francois Crétaux, LEGOS, France,
  • Xiaoli Deng, Newcastle University, Australia,
  • Nigel Fox, National Physical Laboratory, UK,
  • Bruce Haines, Jet Propulsion Lab/NASA, USA,
  • Osamu Isoguchi, Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan, Japan,
  • Ambrus Kenyeres, Institute of Geodesy Cartography and Remote Sensing, FOMI, Hungary,
  • Ronald Kwok, Jet Propulsion Lab/NASA, USA,
  • Lee-Lueng Fu, Jet Propulsion Lab/NASA, USA,
  • Mingsen Lin, National Ocean Satellite Application Center, China,
  • Aloke K Mathur, Indian Space Research Organization, India,
  • Daniel Medeiros Moreira, Geological Survey of Brazil CPRM, Brazil,
  • Roland Pail, Technical University of Munich, Germany,
  • Ilias N. Tziavos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece,
  • Christopher Watson, University of Tasmania, Australia,


Local Organizing Committee

  • Stelios P. Mertikas, Technical University of Crete,
  • Achilles Tripolitsiotis, Space Geomatica,
  • Stella Galani, Space Geomatica,
  • Dionissis Efstathiou, Technical University of Crete,
  • Costas Kokolakis, Technical University of Crete,
  • Demitris Galanakis, Space Geomatica,
  • Xenofon Frantzis, Technical University of Crete.



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